oznasia 7:54am, 27 November 2010
Hi, I'm new to Penang and am looking for a camera shop. I'd like one that stocks a comprehensive range of Panasonic cameras and accessories at competitive prices. Can you help?
benoxi 8 years ago
I'd recommend the shop(s) along KOMTAR, located on the Penang Road side. Look for : Excel , Megastar , Hike, Click n Snap , Foto Easycam...
oznasia 8 years ago
Thanks, I've noticed there are quite a few along there.
Pian11323 7 years ago
along jalan burmah there is one shop on the left side of the road with a large banner of Olympus...
oznasia 7 years ago
Thanks. Yes, I know the one you mean.
dhaneshr 7 years ago
elite professional camera (Penang Road, opposite Mydin Supermarket). Speak to Jackson ..here's a great guy.
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