Sir Mart Outdoorgraphy™ 5:35am, 20 September 2010
Just for fun..
Let's shoot something on 10 October 2010, at exactly 10.10am (10sec) if can.

1. Plan your shot (no candid)
2. Anything related to number 10 need to be included
3. Shoot on the exact moment (10/10/10 - 10.10am)
4. Post on Penang Flickr Group photo with description

10 selected best shots will receive a gift :)

I've shot this on 8.8.08 and 9.9.09, so 10.10.10 will be another good date to shoot, as it's on Sunday :)

Have fun and plan well! :)
NecQ 8 years ago
wow!! mcm best je..
AhmadT.E 8 years ago
terbaik punya
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