Places to shoot

dhaneshr 4:18am, 20 August 2010
Hi all,

I think I've been to the usual spots for photography in Penang. But, I want to know if there are some interesting places for photographic opportunities which may be less known. If you know of such places, please give suggestions...
DemPix Ajerr.. 8 years ago
Botanical Garden, Penang
Youth Park, Penang
Mengkuang Dam, Bukit Mertajam

dhaneshr 8 years ago
been there done that!
andak09 8 years ago
Salam..Mgkuang dem bila/Nk join bleh ke
lovelyana 8 years ago
maybe little india? fasting month, have bazar ramadhan :)
i wil be going there soon..
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