Sir Mart Outdoorgraphy™ 12:53am, 15 May 2009
It's been a year now since I've been active in Flickr, and I know that because the 1st event that I started to shoot with New2mac is Dragon Boat Festival.

Now, the even is around the corner and I would like my friends from Penang Flickr to join and shoot at this spectacular event.


Click the image to go the the website for details on the race.

There are many things to shoot there guys, from landscape to portraits to anything you could think of. The participants are sporting and really nice and we had lots of fun shooting there last year.

As I remembered, Mac and I spent 3 days shooting there.

You could check out this link :D

Some tips,
At least 200mm lens :D - longer range lens would be much better :D
Towel & mineral water is a must.
If possible, go by bike since you can enter the area directly, if by car we have to leave the car and walk to the end of the dam.
betricelai 9 years ago
200mm lens??haha...i just only 70mm lens...
betricelai : still no prob, you could shoot the whole scenery :D. I mean 200mm should be great to shoot close-up shots of the participants.
Jom jom!!
yanafuziana 9 years ago
huhu...kena cuci lens 300mm ni...
zuwandi razak 9 years ago
follow... ngan eddy skalik... :p
cantik.. pi saja shoot anytime yg free. event nih consider besh gak la sbb ramai org luaq
fAZlisan 9 years ago
dtg shoot scenery je le gayanye.. :p
fADzly:D : bro.. outsiders ramai.. leh shoot portraits.. candid gak
nondescript spy [deleted] 9 years ago
almak..takde lens yang ok la...adoi....
SaifulAdli 9 years ago
akan diusahakan kehadiran aku
syam_83 : beli tele baru laa.. hehe.. 55-200 baru brp jer....

SaifulAdli : jom jommm!
Mohd Muktasim 9 years ago
hehe.. 55-200 yg VR tak sampai rm1k... tapi last minit tak sempat la... :) kalau x da hal... kita jumpa kat sana..
nondescript spy [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by nondescript spy (member) 9 years ago
nak beli tu, jual 4 biji tayar reta saya pun belum boleh beli lagi..hehehe...
SaifulAdli 9 years ago
bleh....gaji buka 2 kali sebulan ka...heheheh
nondescript spy [deleted] 9 years ago
sebulan sekali jaa..yang tu la nak bayaq yang ni yang itu...
PIDBF celebration Dinner 24th May

Date: 24th May 09 (Sunday). Time: 8pm. Location: Teluk Bahang Dam. Admission: Free

This Sunday, 24th May, come on over to the Teluk Bahang Dam to witness and be a part of the celebration! The Penang International Dragon Boat Festival will be holding a Celebration Dinner specially for the participating PIDBF teams where teams from across Malaysia and overseas get-together in celebration after the two day PIDBF races at the dam.

The Celebration Dinner is open to public, so come on over and make merry with the rest of the teams! Plenty of food and entertainment will be available round the clock till midnight, concluding the day with a perfect relaxing Sunday night out with family and friends. There will be multiple cultural dances, an exploding belly dance performance, hip-hop performances as well as traditional performances from the respective foreign participants and lastly, dance and swing to the musical band under the glittering stars of the night's sky. So come on over and be merry with plenty of joy and laughter! The PIDBF Celebration Dinner begins 8pm onwards. Admission and parking at the Teluk Bahang Dam is free.
sapa lagi nak pi....aku nak ikut....
aku hehe. ahad aku p lewat ptg.. lepak smp malam kot
nondescript spy [deleted] 9 years ago
hmmmm.....kali ni..saya tak blh la nak pi....esok kena rejaa...ahad plak...kena reja mlm..tensiONNNNNNNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnNNNNNNNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn....
dickson8pg 9 years ago
wat time the event start?
betricelai 9 years ago
time: 9am to 5pm
Bump!! Hope to see you guys tomorrow... I might be going around 2pm. Maybe if got kaki, lepak till night for the show.
Sorry to my friends who went, including Zuwandi who called me from the dam, I was so tired today... can't make it to the event. Luckily I went yesterday. At least got some pics.

I'm sure who went today got better pics & portraits as it's the international event..

I was at my son's sports day till noon.. Still I shoot something.. haha
zuwandi razak 9 years ago
haha.. xpa sir mart.. len kali wat outing lagi.. : p
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