Sir Mart Outdoorgraphy™ 2:10pm, 8 May 2009
Hi everyone.
I got few ideas for our new tees. Just trying to make up my mind which design should we carry forward with, so I list here the design I made. Please help me decide which is the best by voting according to the numbers.
Only one.

After we decided on the design, then I will find a printing company to do the design, and will try to make sure the cost will be no more than RM25 per piece.
Only when I got the exact figure, I will take the order and the money for the tees.

MOQ - 20pcs.





#5 - Zuwandi's design
T-Shirt for penang flickr

#6 From Stitch Iz
new design 4

#7 From Stitch Iz
new design 3

#8 Zuwandi
T-Shirt for penang flickr2 copy

#9 Syam
Syam Design
nondescript spy [deleted] 9 years ago
the first design is good la...for me..
sir mart..esok klu nak pi....kita pi sekali..apa2..saya call...
lipanz | photo 9 years ago for 1 also.. but the logo.. does it seems too big? hehehe..
dickson8pg 9 years ago
i vote for the 1st 1 oso.
but more prefer formal type like polo t 1.
betricelai 9 years ago
i like no.4 leh...
nondescript spy [deleted] 9 years ago
betricelai....num 4...???...hahah...may be...
Fazuan Daemea Ruslan 9 years ago
numbr 1 loks nice n simple...Afundi numbr 1!
syish adam 9 years ago
no 4 tak dak pun iskh..
Design updated. Waiting for Stitch_Iz's design. Any more contribution are welcome.

As long as the penang flickr logo incorporated in the design :D
dickson8pg 9 years ago
the logo do it smaller and in black colour la...
dickson8pg 9 years ago
num 5 like badminton player tee.
but nice la......
syish adam 9 years ago
no5 cun..afundi no5.tak dak kaler hitam ka?minat hitam aa
SaifulAdli 9 years ago
no 5 ngan 4 cam menarik..mana satu pun tak kisah
betricelai 9 years ago
no5 aso no bad ho...
yanafuziana 9 years ago
rambang mata lorr :-ss

no 4 n 5 cantik :)
Ok new design updated.
Vote please!!
Another design updated.
SaifulAdli 9 years ago
wahhh rambang mata aku...#4 #7 semua cantik....tgk orang nak pilih yg man plak.....
no 7 muktamat....
gsjeevi 9 years ago
No.8 This my pick.Well done.
syish adam 9 years ago
nak no5 gak..kaler hitam..ejejeje
nondescript spy [deleted] 9 years ago
hmmmmmm......kita tengok majoriti laaaa.....number 8 mcm ok gak...
Mohd Muktasim 9 years ago
vote no 5... :)
nondescript spy [deleted] 9 years ago
sir mart..saya ada email design baju kat sir mart...
one last entry from syam83

please vote, friends.

betricelai 9 years ago
hard to choose...i vote no 5 or no 9 :P
syish adam 9 years ago
perghh no 9 bestttt
syish adam 9 years ago
plz vote for no9
FaReQ RiZaL 9 years ago
waa..lawa #1 or #5 or #9
SaifulAdli 9 years ago
heheh nampak gaya no 9 kot...mmg semua lawa...dah juling bijij mata memilih....
syish adam 9 years ago
wawawa...no9 still the beshh
rasanya bab kaler tu akan jadi kos. so vote aje lagi hahaha
sori syam.. semalam dh ckp
Bajet tiset bagi kurang sikit rega dia :D so kaler xleh lebey2 kot
zuwandi razak 9 years ago
paling byk pun 3 colour or 4 colour ja... maybe la..
yanafuziana 9 years ago
i vote for no.9 :D
nondescript spy [deleted] 9 years ago kee...mahal eh....tak pe laa...pilih je yg mane2..mahal tak yah laa...kang tak mau plak org nak pakai...
i vote No.8

black design :)
kedondeng 9 years ago
vote for no 9...huhuhu
Arbojeng 9 years ago
vote for no 9 too!! love the color palette at the front... resembling photoshop color palette selection..
Ok we will have one TT or outing soon, and hoping to decide on the design during the outing ya.
HuMbLeShOOtEr 9 years ago
Rasa mcm suka yg no. 1 tp design blakng tue di letak di hadapan dan dikecilkan skit...skit jer...supaya bahagian dada seblah kiri bleh letak colour tone mcm design no. 9 (bahagian depan) then kalau bleh dijahit nama username flickr kat atas colour tone td...
Bahagian blakang sebelah tengah atas letak design cam no. 6 (bahagian depan). Letak kecik jaa sudah....lebih kurang cam no.5 (bahagian blakang)
Lastly colour baju colour gelap...
Ok tak...? juz an opinion...bkn nak memandai...sorry...ikhlas nie...
HuMbLeShOOtEr 9 years ago
Satu lg nak tmbh sini...lg smart kalu buat baju sport shirt (berkolar)...tertib skit kot...kalu t-shirt rasa cam biasa sgt....
Pendapat jer.....
amirulshafii 9 years ago
vote for #9! aku mmg giler kaler hitam! hehe.. anyway design #9 nmpk cool. :)
Bertrand Linet 9 years ago
The 9 is cool!
dickson8pg 9 years ago
i vote for no. 9 oso.
long time din come here d.....
swan39 9 years ago
no great
amirulshafii 9 years ago
sir mart, so what's the verdict here?
there will be a final design soon :D

too many design makes me feel that we do need only one which suits everyone :P

will complete the design by next week when i'm free from my sch work :P
asfax 9 years ago
vote for no 9
dickson8pg 9 years ago
so when can get the t-shirt?
nazrie syazrie30 9 years ago
no 8 ngan 9 nampak mengancam... : )
dickson8pg 9 years ago
so, any update for the t-shirt?????
syish adam 9 years ago
hihi...still waiting ya~
coherent berry [deleted] 9 years ago
bro mat, i choose no. 9. Confirm.
SaifulAdli 9 years ago
ada perkembangan ngan t shirt nih.....bila bleh start bayar???
dickson8pg 9 years ago
when can get it??????
cant wait anymore......
hehe.. :)
dickson8pg 9 years ago
so when to confirm????
nondescript spy [deleted] 9 years ago
i'm to...chose No 9...hehehehe...
well, try to ask about the price first for da number 9..who's PIC for the t-shirt, pls ask about the price pls...then we discuss about the price....
i think may be bellow $30

zuwandi razak 9 years ago
aku rasa around rm25-28 ja
aku rs nk remove design2 ni semua
hahaha simpan 1 dah ler....
HuMbLeShOOtEr 9 years ago
Kat atas tue ada opinion...xder sapa comment pun...
syish adam 9 years ago
simpan design yg byk org vote dah la~
HuMbLeShOOtEr : hehe leks bro. xde comment x bermakna x amik kesah..
Just that I don't want to make any decision alone..
so tunggu TT yg ramai join utk bincang.. tp xde orang join..
So.. just wait n c..
kedondeng 9 years ago
vote for no 9 again
nondescript spy [deleted] 9 years ago
Sir Mart..apasai nak remove..jgn laa....
kita tunggu dulu....
ok..let we discuus this....
so seriously we need to have a gathering with all members of PenangFlickr, then we decide and discuss about the price.... how...???
I'll change the plan, and this time, its a simple thingy..
We won't do tees.

We'll do Collar Tees.

Cotton Collared Tees.
Small Penang Flickr logo on the front left
And the name "Penang Flickr Group" and url "" on the back...

As simple as that...
I'll start a thread soon when I'll got the suppliers price.
The design here, we'll keep it on the next project..
nondescript spy [deleted] 9 years ago
mm..ok..good idea...ok gak wt simple..tak la serabut2 sngt kan//hehehe//ok2..lets do it..hehehehe
dickson8pg 9 years ago
bila boleh dapat?
aku nak satuu.....
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