Pro. Model Shoot

square example [deleted] 12:52pm, 8 April 2009
Anybody out there interested in a model shoot, I'm gathering stastistics about responsiveness. I'm interested to coordinate a photoshoot with a pro. model with model release etc.

Date and venue will depend on the number of pax - kindly reply here or e mail me.

Kind Regards - Nico
Thanks for the info bro. Most of us surely would like to join but as usual, the timing usually clash with our jobs (wedding etc)
But I think it's a good idea and a good exposure for new photog like me. Need to learn a lot from you.
Artiznan 9 years ago
Ohh sure will be good response bout this session. Thanks bro for ur info.Let us know, n will try not disappointed u. Im joining in.
victorious memory [deleted] 9 years ago
Interesting. Please keep us updated on time and place.
square example [deleted] 9 years ago
I will do that guys, I'm just waiting for the mofel profile and will contact you via flickrmail..........

Regards - Nico
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