nondescript spy [deleted] 9:30pm, 1 February 2009
Hi all,
Where the best place in PENANG?

Put your picture yaaaaa............

Sunset from my village (Kuala Muda, Penaga,Penang)

nice shot..
Best place? Everywhere bro... as long as u shoot great shots..!!
amirulshafii 9 years ago
couldn't agree more with Sirmart! :)

nice shot Syam!
by the way.. talking about outing.. anyone free this Saturday for an outing?
nondescript spy [deleted] 9 years ago place....everywhere around penang.......

ape2...klu ade ape2 outing, just text me at 012-8297891
nondescript spy [deleted] 9 years ago
new picture....




best place at penang.....
Ridzo Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Ridzo (member) 9 years ago
Calm Morning by Ridzo

Morning sunrise.

Boat by Ridzo


Taken at my hometown, Bayan Lepas Penang.
nondescript spy [deleted] 9 years ago
wow...nice shot ridzo
Ridzo 9 years ago
thx bro
square example [deleted] 9 years ago
I'm with you Sirmart !
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