FaReQ RiZaL 7:23am, 29 September 2008
I would like to invite all members of Penang Flickr to join the Hari Raya TT and Penang Flickr Gathering.

Venue: My House (Kepala batas)
Date : Hari Raya Ke-3

Feel free to contact us for any info or enquiries...
->fareq2004 (Rizal),012-5043317
->SirMart,you can PM
Sir Mart Outdoorgraphy™ Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Sir Mart Outdoorgraphy™ (admin) 10 years ago
Finally, he posted!! This is a very special TT since mr. FaReQ RiZaL is getting engaged on that day. So anyone who want to tag along and shoot the engagement later that day may do so.
Its quite easy to go to FaReQ RiZaL 's house, just find the entrance to Kepala Batas Police Headquarters.

I think the engagement is schedule after lunch, it would be great to be at his house at 1pm.

The bride's house is in Juru, so anyone wanna follow, we go along with the trip from his house.

anything do contact me, call, sms or thru my YM, MSN or Skype.
YM: ahmadradhafizal@yahoo.com
MSN: sirmart@live.com
Skype: sirmart
New2mac 10 years ago
Count me in!
1. Sir Mart
2. New2Mac
Just updating, anyone interested to shoot the engagement ceremony, please let me know early. The convoy will leave for Juru around 2.30-3.00 pm from FaReQ RiZaL 's house, and after the ceremony ended, the open house will start.

So our TT will be held around 5-6pm onwards. If you are not able to join the engagement ceremony, do join our TT. Lotsa kuih raya, rendang & lemang waiting...
Thanks to new2mac for spending much of his precious time to shoot with me during the engagement ceremony of FaReQ RiZaL & his fiance Zaida, hope u enjoy urself, and of course the food. I had my belly full of the cakes of course, and tonite I had some more. LOL.. wonder why i'm still thin..
New2mac 10 years ago
Hahaha I really enjoyed shooting with you today. Would like to thank FaReQ RiZaL's mum for the wonderful food. The sate kuah is really delicious and the cakes are simply phenomenal!!
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