Sir Mart Outdoorgraphy™ 4:50pm, 27 September 2008
Venue: Upper Penang Road, 10am - 5pm

Come and celebrate September's market with us - with the usual fantastic array of performances, presentations, stalls, and people!

Some 70 stalls will be selling everything from clothing through jewelry, handicrafts, antiques, food and including hands-on demonstrations of various skills. Each stall has something unique: we have no mass-produced stuff - we showcase talent, creativity and craft!

Check out the visual arts space called The Gallery, which continues to present works by local Penang artists and photographers.

And come and see the wonderful performances that we will be presenting at The Space, our entertainment area in the middle of the market.

12.00 Bhangra and Gidda with dance troupes Nache Sade Naal and Punjabi Jatti

12.45 Slam poetry with Carla Oliver and The Running Poet

1.00 Veloo and Chandramohan on tabla and sitar

1.30 Northern Jazz Ensemble

2.15 I-Dance Campaigners

2.30 Salsa with Natasha and Amirul

3.30 Sam Ponnodurai

4.00 Jamming with Tapa, Bonny, Sidon, and others

for more info visit

And to all Penang Flickr Kakis, do join Little Penang's resident photographer to shoot there, our own friend, New2Mac!!
☆grafix9☆ 10 years ago
thanks for the info SirMart ;) I'll pack the boys to go there for a shot!! :D
dhaneshr 10 years ago
hope to be there too!
I went there late today, and does not stay long, yet it was a great event today, esp. when it comes to Salsa Dance, am I right New2Mac?
New2mac 10 years ago
You are absolutely Right! :p
Did amirul called or contacted u? he's asking about the pics u took. Where is it? hehe.. can't wait!
New2mac 10 years ago
Nobody has contacted me.... :P
I guess he need 2 wait till u uploaded the pics.. hehe
New2mac 10 years ago
Tell him no belanja Asam Laksa no..... Salsa :P
LOL.. u did shoot him right? Coz i thougt i only saw Natasha's pic LOL
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