New2mac 2:49pm, 10 September 2008
We are members of Penang Flickr Group and we share comments and pics with each other.

There are times when we go out shooting alone, as a group or join other photographers in their outings.

2 Events that you might be interested to join.

** Note**
Please register at the respective forums to get further details and submit confirmation for headcount purposes if you are interested.

There is a new forum started by Matthew from Click & Snap

Sunday Street Shooting ( under Gatherings & Outings)
14th September
9.00am (under Events,Gatherings & Happenings)

Pulau Aman Photowalk
13th September 2008 (Saturday)
Cool events.. by the way, it's fasting month, I have to pass, and by the way new2mac, I covered Pulau Aman oredi last month :D

Thanks for sharing the info!!
FaReQ RiZaL 10 years ago
same larr...fasting month...btw,currently at Shah Alam...hehehe
victorious memory [deleted] 10 years ago
hey i am interested in the pulau aman photo walk
Just list ur name @ (under Events,Gatherings & Happenings) bro...
New2mac 10 years ago
wyuenc, saw you post at shutterasia. Have sms them about you. Enjoy the Photowalk.
thomas.gee 10 years ago
Would like to join the Sunday Street Shooting? How to I join?
Just go to the HSBC at 9am, introduce urself to the guys there. Check bro.
lipanz | photo 10 years ago
hurmm.. fasting month. i need to pass. well, enjoy shooting guys.
New2mac 10 years ago
Events over. Please post pics to the pool if any.
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