imthejessicat 10:22am, 9 September 2008
there will be a musical drama on william shakespeare's A Midsummer Night Dream on the 11th of Sept at Dewan Sri Pinang at 7.30pm.
Those interested can getcha tickets and capture those expressive shots!
thanks for the information jtsljess. but then will cameras be allowed in a such a play?? usually they don't allow cameras...rite?
victorious memory [deleted] 10 years ago
Jess pls confirm Sir Mart Outdoorgraphy concern

just the right timing for me to try out my new 50mm 1.8 nikkor which i bought 2 days ago
lipanz | photo 10 years ago
wow.. 1.8 would do just great in those low light conditions.
New2mac Posted 10 years ago. Edited by New2mac (member) 10 years ago
Thanks jtsljess for the heads-up.

Those interested can contact Keith at 012-4802235, Jenny at 016-4102223 or Lai Khay at 012-4729733 for details.
Anyone going?
victorious memory [deleted] 10 years ago
Sorry... me not going...
With love, Jade¬ PRO 10 years ago
alar.....I CAN't GO! =( m not in Penang!!!'s Midsummer Night Dream and i'm gonna miss it?!? wth? lol...
FaReQ RiZaL 10 years ago
anyone going??i'm also not in penang.currently at Shah Alam...anyone going plz share your shoot here k....
victorious memory [deleted] 10 years ago
so anyone went. got photo 2s ah???
wyuenc, I won't be going coz it's fasting month, and need to spend some time at home this weekend coz going for a course next Monday in Perlis.
but who knows... hehe
New2mac 10 years ago
One of my friends invited me to the event. Pics in the pool.
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