josh.r 3:11am, 17 June 2014
I'm switching systems and selling my dynalite gear. It's been awesome the entire time I've had it and I've never had a hiccup. It's also wonderfully small and works well with a vagabond II—which I could sell with no battery for $150—if you want to be completely mobile.

1x - m1000wi with power pack (1000ws pack with built in pocketwizard receiver) in perfect condition. It really looks brand new!
3x - 2040 heads with standard length cables. Two of the cables are about two years old and they are the newer type that give an extra 1/10 stop of power and are 18', one of them is the older style that's 15', and all are in excellent condition.
1x - 4040 head with reflector and flash tube cover. Has the older style 15' extension cable.
1x - Dynalite SR-80 Soft Lite White "Beauty Dish" Reflector. Perfect condition, just a few years old, and it's 18" across.
3x - Photoflex speedrings for Dynalite (fits both the 2040 heads and the 4040 head)
2x - Snoots for the 2040 heads. One is a Dynalite piece (discontinued now I think) and one is a third party piece. Both are all metal and one is in the style of the Dynalite SR-65SN with the other being like the Dynalite RR-AR (one very tight and the other not as much).
1x - Brand new replacement flash tube for the 2040 head. I've replaced one, maybe two, of them but I have an extra just in case.
1x - Beat up Dynalite 0674LW case. Designed to carry 1 pack and 2 heads but I fit all 4 heads in there and it works well.
2x - Sync Cables. One is a long Household plug to PC sync and the other is a short pocketwizard (mini plug) to household sync. You really don't need these as long as you have a pocketwizard for your camera but this is for backups.

$2500 for everything and you are welcome to stop by, I'm in NE, if you want to see it all doing it's thing.

P.S. you may see this post in a couple of the PDX specific groups. Don't hate me.
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