Anyone Here?

josh.r 6:35pm, 30 October 2012
Is anyone actually active here?
Kaos_Photo 6 years ago
Yeah, there are several of us.
josh.r 6 years ago
Not real active it seems.
Sardonic G 6 years ago
High ISO is killing the strobists
cody10414 6 years ago
Just occasionally!
Jayesunn Krump 6 years ago
I still check in to see if there is anything going on from time to time. Anyone want to set up a shoot?
TieflingÂș 6 years ago
@Sardonic ... if anything, high ISO is showing who's really a strobist and who isn't.
Weeksy Photography 6 years ago
I'd be up for shooting sometime!
I finally got around to joining the group. A meetup would be fun.
LukeOlsen 6 years ago
@Sardonic: Those are really two separate things.
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