Kaos_Photo 10:03pm, 1 February 2011
A bunch of my friends have been bugging me about doing a Steampunk photo shoot.

The problem is they all want to model but don't have costumes. Anyone know where locally costuming like that can be had?

Or for that matter do any of you want to participate? :)
OregonVelo 7 years ago
I would love to join as a photographer.
Kaos_Photo 7 years ago
I'd love to have you :) we're still sorting out location and whatnot, but I'll post details here when its all setup.
easy truck [deleted] 7 years ago
ask the experts -- portlandsteampunksociety.com/

I think many cosplayers make their own outfits. Online, you can find a lot of steampunk props and clothing on Etsy.com.
I would love to try a steam punk shoot. Let me know if there's room and thanks - JK
metakephoto PRO 7 years ago
looks like Kaos built himself an entourage :)
Kaos_Photo 7 years ago
Heh, an accidental entourage anyway :P I just figure fun ideas should be shared, right? ;)
metakephoto PRO 7 years ago
Definitely. :)
Sarah.Lynch 7 years ago
Would love to!
simple support [deleted] 7 years ago
would be interesting
Randy Kashka PRO 7 years ago
Steampunk photo shoot - I'm in....
njl-photolog PRO 7 years ago
Please add me to the entourage.

I know a couple of folks into cosplay, they may have some steampunk costumes. I can ask if they would be interested to model as well?
Kaos_Photo 7 years ago
Sure, that'd be fun :) At this point we're looking at mid-march and several people have suggested the 'witches castle' in Forrest Park as a venue.
think_thank_thunk 7 years ago
I would be very interested as well!
Me too!
pretty advice [deleted] 7 years ago
I would be interested as well.
Kaos_Photo 7 years ago
I wonder if we aught to make this a lightist meetup, since most of us seem to want to do it anyway?
njl-photolog PRO 7 years ago
Sounds good. Though, please add a link to the Lightist discussion to your original post here so everyone knows which discussion thread to follow. ;-)
Kaos_Photo 7 years ago
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