Focus problem

DarenGirdner 2:52am, 2 December 2010
Hey I own a sigma 24-70 f/2.8 and it has worked perfectly until recently. I was doing a photoshoot and half way through the shoot it didn't want to focus properly. I believe the term is called back or front focusing not sure which one. For example if I focus on someone's face when I view the photo the face is blurred and the background is in focus. I know I am able to send it to Sigma to be repaired but they want me to send my camera body as well. Well I have a couple photoshoots lined up and need my body. Is there any local shops in PDX that fix problems like this? Thanks for the help.
Jayesunn Krump 8 years ago
Have you tried cleaning the contacts?

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easy truck [deleted] 8 years ago
maybe advance camera & repair in beaverton:
easy truck [deleted] 8 years ago
or CameraWorks NW:
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