Studio Gentry 5:10am, 28 November 2010
So, today I found that the closet I keep my collapsible reflectors in had a mold outbreak. One of my reversible reflectors was effected; mostly on the silver side.

Any advice on do's and don't for cleaning this up? Or is it DOA?

Zyye 8 years ago
first I'd try a 50/50 mix of water and vinegar. leave it on for maybe 10-15 minutes then rinse/wipe it dry.. you might try it a couple of times.. if that doesn't work then try a 10% bleach & water mix.. the bleach might lighten the black edging.

hopefully it helps
ʎɥdɐɹbodıd 8 years ago
Hey sean... I'd steer clear of bleach since it might do a lot more than lighten that type of fabric. Give Goo Gone a shot, it's not just for removing adhesive residue. I made the mistake of leaving my child's bouncer outdoors on my covered patio. After several weeks I found that the nylon/polyester fabric was riddled with mold spots. I quickly Googled for a remedy and fortunately found that the Goo Gone trick along with a used toothbrush can work miracles. G'luck!
Studio Gentry 8 years ago
Thanks guys.

It's the tensil strength of the fabic I'm concerned with. Also, this is a 5'x3' reflector, so a few blotches around the edges should hardly be noticed (though 10% should be too diluted for that).

I'll try the Water/Vinegar or Goo Gone first. As long as the mold dies I'm happy.

Thanks again.
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