SB900 Pre-flash

photobarb 7:02pm, 2 December 2010
I hope someone might have an answer for me... I have a Nikon D300 and a SB900 flash, I have used this combo for a couple of years and everything has been fine. Last week I went on a shoot, and when I pressed the shutter, the flash did 3 pre-flashes and then my shutter closed!!! huge lag time, and sometimes I get one pre-flash.. I have appearntly have changed something or pressed something !!! I have gone through the manual and checked the internet and cant find anything that helps me.. I have tried Manual mode, TTl, etc.. any suggestions?
photobarb 8 years ago
Never mind... I figured it out ! if anyone wants to know, I some how got the red eye turned on in my camera... I knew it was something dumb !!
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