DougBPhoto 10:59pm, 14 October 2010
I'm hoping someone out there on the list might have a Nikon mount super-telephoto lens that would be willing to loan it out for a little while for me to evaluate.

Ideally looking for a Tamron 200-500, Sigma 50-500, or Sigma 150-500 lens, again, Nikon mount.

I will be shooting a car race at Portland International Raceway, in North Portland, and would like to test shoot/borrow a lens for a while out there. (I can arrange for you to shoot some too if desired.)

Short version of long story, I own a Nikon 80-400 and Nikon informed me a few minutes ago that they cannot fix the problems I am having with the lens, so I need to find something new.

This is the last high-speed event of the year, so I'd have to wait until March 2011, and I don't have enough time to arrange for a rental to be shipped in from out of town, so I'm hoping someone on our list may have something that can help.

Please reply privately...
Randy Kashka PRO 8 years ago
Have you check ProPhotoSupply in NW Portland? They rent lens and might have what you need.
DougBPhoto 8 years ago
Hi Randy,

As far as I know, PPS only rents Nikon and Canon's lenses... and there are not any that I need to evaluate for possible purchase.

If/when Nikon releases an AF-S 80-400 (some say it will be an AF-S 100-500), I will take another look at it... everything else PPS has, I already am familiar with.

I'm wanting to check out those 3rd party brands, to evaluate if they will work out...

I'm not trying to borrow gear for my shoot, I have everything I "need", I'm just hoping to possibly use this event as a good test bed, and host a guest for some period of time.
Celerity Photo 8 years ago
Honestly, I have shot at PIR a few times, and never needed anything longer than 200mm. My 50-200 does just fine for a lot of different spots around the track. I used a 300mm once, and I didn't use most of the longer end...

Just throwing that out there...
DougBPhoto 8 years ago
Hi Trevor...

I've actually used the 80-400 at PIR for the last 10 years for about 30 days each year... believe it or not, even at 400 on a crop sensor body, it is still frequently shorter than I want.

Hopefully, someone may have one of these lenses and be willing to come out for a while to let me check it out... if not, no big deal, I'll still shoot the event as normal.

I was just hoping to get to test some alternate equipment.
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