ShutterCraze (NUEL) 7:05am, 1 November 2010
OK iPhone and lighting diagram freaks here is your assignment this week. Go check out some really cool iPhone programs here and report back to the group on its usefulness:

Maybe it would be fun to organize a mini meetup in a studio and play with some of these tools and report back. Another idea might be to have an iPhone shoot using monolight's modeling lamps. I wonder what kind of images we could produce say we use iPhone, Hipstamatic iPhone software, and say three monolight modeling lamp lighting?

Hmmmmmm...We would do this in the new Lightist group though.
Studio Gentry 8 years ago
I'm down.

My friend has been on me to get the Hipstamatic app for a awhile. I just haven't had a decent "reason" to purchase it. Guess I'd have to for this. :-)
dave_g_lim PRO 8 years ago
i'd be up for it, i have some itunes gift cards to use on purchase (i think you can use them for apps anyway)
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