New Blog Site 3:59pm, 10 August 2010
Over the past couple of weeks I have begun building a new blog site, adding content as I find time. My goal is to create a site that provides useful photography info, highlights our amazing, professional Portland talent, as well as get my own work/projects out there.

Check it out!
OregonVelo 8 years ago
Cool interview with Craig. Thanks for sharing. 8 years ago
ShutterCraze (NUEL) 8 years ago
Thanks for sharing your hard work.

Two things I have a difficult time finding info with regard to photography here in Portland is 1) where can I go locally to enjoy works by other photographers - like galleries and shows/exhibits, and 2) what is going on today around all the fine art schools in Portland - are there well known faculty members and what are the students learning today.

I'm not saying that you should put these topics in your blog or even if these are your goals. I'm just saying I can learn a lot by doing the above mention topics and there are no local blogs that I know of that offer this knowledge. 8 years ago

I agree! This is a great topic to cover. Food for thought...
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