mcbimagery 6:25am, 4 August 2010
Hi all,

I'm Matt & new to PDX Strobist. I'm really enjoying the images I've perused, so far - I can tell I'm going to learn a lot here!

Wondering if anyone can help me out by recommending a location for a shoot I have coming up on Monday.

Specifically, I'm looking for a field with nothing but natural scenery in the background (e.g., sky, forest, hills, more field, etc.) to shoot a model. Ideally no power lines, buildings, roads... you get the idea. Would be great if the field were wheat colored - with hip-high foliage (broom flowers, reeds, etc.). Just trying to paint a word picture here so you have a sense of what I'm going for.

The other constraint is that ideally the location would be within 10-20min of downtown PDX.

If you know of a public location that I can use I'd be so grateful if you would share it with me!

Thanks so much in advance... I plan on spending some time this weekend driving around - but would love to weave in a few recommendations from folks in the know!

Finally, looking forward to meeting a number of you at a future meet up/shoot.


ShutterCraze (NUEL) Posted 8 years ago. Edited by ShutterCraze (NUEL) (admin) 8 years ago
Hello Matt, welcome to the group and I hope to see you soon at one of our meetups.

My first thought was wow, you are really limiting yourself with the requirement of 10 minutes from downtown. Lets see south of downtown you would get as far as Tigard, north of downtown you would make it to Janzen Beach, westward would get you as far as Beaverton, and east would get you to Gateway. None of these places come to my mind when you ask for forest, hills, more fields, no power line, no buildings, no roads, wheat field present, and flowers and reeds to boot.

When I think about the kind of location you seek places like the following might come close: Sauvie Island, Forest Park, Washington Park, farming out in Hillsboro, farming out in Gresham, Powell Butte, Mt. Tabor, Happy Valley area, Tualitin as countryside that I like too.

Good Luck,
mcbimagery 8 years ago
Thanks for the welcome!

Yep, I'm constraining a beautiful state by my small radius - I'm trying to balance out between model availability and transit time prior to shooting during the 'golden hour'.

You provided some great thoughts. We could head up to Forest Park - I'm just not familiar with a specific location that might be open enough to play in a field with lots of late day light.

Anyone have an idea up there? Thanks again for the ideas - much appreciated.
OregonVelo 8 years ago
I don't know an open field in Forest Park and I am not sure you can get what you are asking for with in 20 minutes... maybe with a few creative angles. Here are a few areas that you can check out through google maps. I stuck to one side of town so that you can start close in and drive out until you find what you are looking for.

mcbimagery 8 years ago
Great leads - thanks so much. Wow. I'm feeling technologically dopey... I had no idea you could input GPS coordinates directly into Google Maps. Okay, something new every day.

I will definitely check out these locations - cool!

In addition, someone recommended I check out Powell Butte Nature Park on the east side of town - any thoughts from folks who have been there recently?

Thanks again!
Nina'S Photography 8 years ago
I love Sauvie's Island for wheat colored grassy fields ... although some may have been mowed by now

often if I continue straight past the store, don't turn on the main rd to the right, there is a walking park a couple miles up on your left with a small gravel parking lot right along the road

there are nice wooded lanes, and a huge tall grassy field that I've never seen mowed & I've shot there monthly from May-Oct ... so good chance of tall grass LOL
mcbimagery 8 years ago
Thanks so much for the tip - I really appreciate it. I will add it my list of future places to check out.
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