Study in Light 7:02pm, 19 July 2010
Are you looking for studio space to rent? I have a modest studio with office space in the southeast industrial area just a couple of blocks from the intersection of E. Burnside and MLK. It is a time-shared space and I am currently looking for two more photographers to fill out the roster.

The rent is $150 per month, per person. The studio is first come, first serve using a shared Google calendar. The studio is available 24/7 which works out well if you are a night owl. We never have any scheduling conflicts as long as everyone is reasonable about how much time they book out each week and they plan ahead.

I’m not sure how many square feet the shooting space is. Perhaps 600 sq ft, maybe more? Pics of the shooting space can be seen at the start of my photostream.

The office attached has a conference table and chairs, makeup table and tall chairs, wall mounted full length mirror and a desk. Its good for meetings and staging for shoots (which keeps all the miscellaneous stuff out of the shooting space!).

There are a limited amount of backdrops and stands that are available for everyone to use. You will need your own lighting which is perfect for strobists.

If you are interested, please message me via flickr, email me at, or call (leave a message) at 503-957-9031. I will be happy to set up a time to show the space.

I am hoping to get new photographers in on August 1st. There are no move-in costs or deposits. There also isn’t a lease but I would prefer someone that will be sticking around for a while and that can make the $150 rent payment by the first of each month.



Peter Greene
Onscreen Imaging
tvphoto 8 years ago
Curious, how many people can share a space like that and still get a decent amount of time? 8? 10?

Study in Light 8 years ago

We typically have 5 to 6 photographers sharing the space. There is little problem finding studio time particularly if one plans ahead. Unless someone starts hogging time, most people aren't in more than once a week anyway.

If you're interested, get a hold of me asap. I'm trying to get the last spot filled sooner rather than later.

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