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CLOSED SIGNUP: Haag Lake BBQ Potluck Pool Party (Meetup/Photoshoot) - Sunday July 18th 2010

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Haag Lake BBQ Potluck Pool Party (Meetup/Photoshoot)
"thanks to Randy Kashka for hooking us up with this awesome location"

Date: Sunday July 18th 2010

Location: This will be at a house located right up the street from Haag Lake (Directions will be flickr mailed to you sometime before the shoot)

Time: Noon-6pm @ the House; 6pm-Sundown @ Haag Lake (this part is tentative, depending on if the models/photographers want to stick around this long)

BBQ Potluck: Please note what food or drink you can bring when signing up (so we can get a good array of food)

Age Requirement: Shoots are 18+ for both photographers and models.

Underwater Photography: If anyone has access to underwater photography equipment please let us know. I would like to be able to do some underwater portraits and everyone could share the camera throughout the day. Or if someone knows about where we could rent one and approx. how much it would cost.

Photo Requirement: You will be required to submit at least (3) shots of each model you photograph during the day to www.pdxstrobist.org in the designated models gallery. The models are giving their time for free, so the least we can do is give them some photographs.

Past photoshoot requirement: The Organizers will be taking a close look at who has been to a previous PDX Strobist event and NOT submitted photos for that particular shoot. If we find that you have not met the photo requirement of providing a photo of each model you shoot then you will be bumped off this meet up until your requirement has been met.

Photographers Attending:
metakephoto - Little Caesar Pizza
dath1974- soda pop + side dish
kenneth barton - microbrew
deziner999 - cookies
Heather Jones - chicken
dave g lim - BBQ drumsticks
pipography - 2 dozen Roast Pork BBQ buns+ some Coronas and Fat Tires
John/NXFoto - salad + session beer
andrew - tortilla chips and homemade salsa
weeksy - bags of chips
DaveWeav - sandwiches or wraps
nikonpdx - fruit plate
Placebo#4 - tentative
ShutterCraze - coolers and ice
datangpdx - drinks and chips
strober - turkey wraps
Ross Farrier - home made salsa
funkytoaster+1 soda
Randy Kashka
doymc2 chicken
Tom Lechner

Ashley Mourning + Tristan
Mindee Jo
Nadia Garver
Rochelle (tentative)
The Speakeasy Girls
Jennifer Robin
Charlene Lauricella
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