ShutterCraze (NUEL) 7:04am, 27 May 2010
Ever since I've joined PDXStrobist my light kit only contained Canon Speedlights and shoot-thru umbrellas. I've decided to jump into softboxes. So I just purchased 3 Creative Light's softboxes for my Canon Speedlights, and on each of the softboxes I also purchased softgrids for them. I was persuaded in the store to pickup the softgrids at the same time. Yeah I had a general understanding of what it will do for my light output, but I really didn't have a picture in my head how my portrait would look like with and without the grids. I search all over for setup pictures of how grids affect light output and ran across the following link at PHOTOFLEX. I found the tutorial very informative and I thought I'd share it, but then again it might be review for most of you. Figure 50 and Figure 51 tied it all in for me.
Kool - thanks for sharing!
dath1974 8 years ago
Thanks, great writeup. Makes me want to go buy a couple of octo's with grids;->

A couple of observations/thoughts I have after reading the article:

A lot of what they do to keep light off of the background can also be done by moving your model further away from the background, but I understand that is sometimes not practical. . .

Also, I'm not completely sure why they insist on centering the key at eye level is so important. I personally prefer to bring it up a little above eye level as is more common (casting a shadow downward from the nose).

Just my thoughts though, like I said, I think the writeup was quite good and enjoyed reading it!
saechaophotograhpy 8 years ago
thanks for sharing SC. wished I would have read this earlier.
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