Kino Flo?

LukeOlsen PRO 3:31am, 27 March 2010
I know this isn't an off camera strobe question but it does concern off camera lighting... so here goes. Has anymore used a Kino Flo kit? and if so what do you think of it? Can't one just use regular Fluorescent (daylight balanced) tubes? Just wondering...
average plant [deleted] 8 years ago
I know someone that shoots video with them and he was disappointed with the light output and said that with certain hi-def modes and high action that flickering was visible.

I know that they are suppose to be daylight balanced, but after messing with lots of "daylight balanced" bulbs I gave up on CFL and am now using the tinted halogen from They have a 98CFI which is almost perfect daylight and they solved my issue of having to color correct my monitor for night and day in my studio. I got the kind without the black backing, but now wish I didn't. The light escaping out the back has a slightly orangish color to it, unlike the light coming out the tinted front.
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