matwood85 7:54pm, 23 March 2010

I’ve been asked to shoot a high school lacrosse team next Monday night. It will be an outdoor shoot with about 20-25 players around the 7pm hour. I’m looking for tips and advice. I have a two SB600s with umbrellas. But I would really like advice from this group on setting it up. I’m concerned about getting a photo that will end up with a mix of proper and blown out faces and harsh shadows between the front and a back rows.

Thanks in advance,
greenwoodimages 8 years ago
Someone posted a cool teamshot in the Strobist pool whare they shot each player then photoshopped them all together. It was posted today so a little digging will give u more info.
greenwoodimages 8 years ago
DaveWeav 8 years ago
I have photographed groups of this size and I use two SB-800's with either a shoot thru umbrella (if inside) or the difuser dome (if outside). I place both light stands close together and I feather the light out towards the edge and shoot between the stands from a high position (usually from a ladder). This way you will decrease the distance from the front row to the back and the difused light will minimize the harsh shadows and blown out faces. I hope this helps.
matwood85 8 years ago
Thanks to both of you for your advice.

Greenwood: I like the photoshop'd group shot, but I'm likely not at that level yet. If I was to stitch together 24 players it would look ok, but it would likely look stitched.

Dave: Thanks for the advice.

Craig Mitchelldyer 8 years ago
Not sure if it's too late or not, but I put a diagram of a softball team I shot the other day with 6 speedlights.
matwood85 8 years ago
Craig: Thanks! I actually came across this earlier today. It looks great and helped a lot. It's not too late in the sense I'm scheduled to shoot the team tomorrow night. But this has been a last minute request and when I asked they were not up for a creative shot. :( I like what you did and your diagram was very helpful - thanks. My biggest concern now is the rain tomorrow night. Equipment in rain should be fun.
Craig Mitchelldyer 8 years ago
Rain is a good thing in the sense that it's darker and you can use speedlights. Just throw ziplock bags over the lights
| whiteSpace | PRO 8 years ago
Great shots and great tips. Thanks, Craig.
matwood85 8 years ago
8pm tonight...I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again.
matwood85 8 years ago
Ok, I've posted my image from tonight. A ton of lessons learned.

Lessons Learned:
- Accepting last minute assignments mean accepting conditions that create learning "opportunities",
- Rain, darkness and wind shouldn't stop me in the future,
- Sandbags would be a good investment - both survived the fall,
- Ziplock bags work great - thanks Craig,
- Watch the hard shadows on faces caused by front, middle, back row,
- A simple back light would have helped - time to buy some triggers,
- And failing to thank the volunteer photographer upsets the coach and earns you laps. A good life lesson.

Thanks everyone for your advice.
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