Spencer S Watson 9:50pm, 3 March 2010
Hi everyone, starting next month we'll have an opening at our studio for a monthly renter (which means 24hour access whenever it's not booked by someone else). And there's a lot of studio time available.

If you're interested and want to hear more about the studio, or want to see it for yourself, just PM or comment.

LMattson 8 years ago
interested. where and how much?
charming alarm [deleted] 8 years ago
I might be interested...
I've love to know about the space as well :)
Spencer S Watson 8 years ago
Thanks for the interest, for the sake of expediency and laziness I think I'll just post the standard schpeel I send to people about the space. :)

Hi, basically it's $300 a month, the space is about 1000sq feet with 18 foot ceilings, heating and AC, phone and internet, huge windows for natural light shooting, 24hour coded access, storage, and a cyc wall where you can also hang paper. You can see some pics of it in my photostream. It's in a really cool building down the street from OMSI, so it's close to the river, and the industrial district.

Booking of the space is done with an online calender where people put down what times they need the space, but other wise it's really casual. If you'd like to see it just let me know.
[evan hunter] 8 years ago
I am moving to portland this month and may be interested, is their any contracts and is any lighting equipment included
[evan hunter] 8 years ago
Please contact me as I cant find a way through your account to contact you
Spencer S Watson 8 years ago
No contract, just a last-month deposit. There is some equipment such as stands and harware. Strobes and modifiers are frequently there, but since a lot of us are location shooters it's hit and miss. If you want you can contact me directly at watsonspencer@hotmail.com.
Spencer S Watson 8 years ago
Hey, just a heads up, we have another opening now. So let me know if you're interested in checking out the space.
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