OregonVelo 6:19am, 22 February 2010
First off, thank you everyone that attended our February shoot. From the feedback that I have heard so far, it was a success by all parties involved. I think this may have been our largest meet yet. With that comes some growing pains. I want to address a few issues to ensure that future meetups go well.

First off, with a meetup this large we are going to run into issues with radio channels. This means that compromises have to be made. It is not fair for one person to ruin everyone else’s experience because they don't want to play nice. These events are meant to be a sharing, cooperative, collaborative environment.

Secondly... When shooting with a group, don't expect to be able to shoot for an hour yourself. Again, it is not fair to your fellow photographers or the model.

Third... Please do not take a model that has not been assigned to you, even if it is for a quick shot or two. This confuses the model and messes up the organization. Saturday, I had three models rerouted all in about 15 minutes. One model was about to break down and other was getting angry because they had changed for one shoot and went to another.

Fourth... This is VERY IMPORTANT and we should have mentioned something before the meetup. When models are in lingerie or ever bathing suits; please take care in noticing their reactions to you and if they say THEY ARE NOT COMFORTABLE in doing that shot, pose, or whatever, MOVE ON and don't try to coerce it out of them. You may have gotten a signal that they are fine with something, but once they say NO in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM, drop it and MOVE ON.
ShutterCraze (NUEL) 8 years ago
First: My group had no issues when we used pocketwizards on channel#3. Our problems occurred only when we briefly switched to Nikon CLS. I'm not a CLS guy so maybe someone can shed some light.

Second and Third: I have found the problem occurs when the group can't self regulate itself, or the presence of a group "leader" moving things forward. My opinion is the group leader should be firm and vocal on the rotation within the set's hour. I found in my group we all collaborated on a shot first, we worked together to set the camera exposure and lights, and finally we passed around the pocketwizard so EVERYONE got the shot at the end of the hour. Nobody hogged time, nobody left the set to grab another model or wonder into another set. As a result we have two newbies that said they felt comfortable, were learning in the process, and will return to pdxstrobist in the future. Mission accomplished. I observe the same people breaking this unspoken rule.

Fourth: It was brought to my attention that there was one incident when a photographer asked a model to do something inappropriate and not productive for a shot. It was observed by the other group members that this person was "in the face" all day. I think Organizers need to chat with this person on the side. For the future I feel Organizers must reiterate the rule for "Model interaction" at the start of every shoot we do. We should protect our models, and also protect the group from inappropriate behavior.
average plant [deleted] 8 years ago
I agree with ShutterCraze, it is important to have an experienced "leader" in each group. This person should have previous experience with the strobist shoots and be able to help keep things together and provide assistance.

Our group had a great time, was very collaborative and I think we all learned something from each other and had a great rapport with the models we got to work with too.

It was pretty annoying to find out that the model that we were suppose to be working with had been snagged and was now doing something else but overall I think that Shane and Jennie did an AWESOME job of controlling the chaos. I know how hard it is to keep things organized and flowing, and my hat is off to them for doing such a great job in a difficult environment. Thanks Shane and Jennie!
kenneth barton PRO 8 years ago
Making sure a models are comfortable should always be the number one priority.

1. It’s the right thing to do.
2. It communicates respect.
3. It protects the image or reputation of the model.
3. It protects the reputation of the PDXStrobist Group.

If any model shows any sign of discomfort at a suggestion, then the suggestion is to be dropped. The trick to getting racy shots (when that is what one is after) is choosing exhibitionistic models, never coercion of any kind. And it’s not just a comfort-level-on-the-set sort of thing; remember, models have to live with the images that are taken of them, especially in the age of the internet where the photos may be found by all kinds of people. If I take and post an image of a model topless in the library, that means the model was motivated by the idea. It should never be the other way around.

In case you all can’t tell, I feel very strongly about this.

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