John Keel / Photos by JK 4:58am, 22 February 2010
If you're like me and missed the last internet broadcast with famed retoucher Amy Dresser, I just saw where it's being rebroadcast at 12 noon this Wednesday. For details, go to:
Spencer S Watson 8 years ago
When will they do these at a reasonable time?!

Every one of these I want to check out are always during work hours, and they don't archive them. Does anyone know if someone's figured out a way to record these? I'm happy to pay for them, their awesome, but I always miss the ones I really want to see.
Yeah, right in the middle of the day is definitely a pain for most people. Of course, since I'm unemployed it's not as much as an issue for me! And it makes no sense that they don't just archive them and then let you pay the same price to watch it that way, especially since it's a rebroadcast anyway. I'll see if I can figure out a decent way to record it.
metakephoto PRO 8 years ago
it's definitly worth the $10, and make sure not to miss the last 15 minutes of her working on the images, it's the best part.
dath1974 8 years ago
The Amy Dresser retouch webinar I attended was awesome, well worth the cost. I'd rather watch her retouch than go see a movie any day of the week.

As an aside, they don't offer them in downloadable format as they're worried about them being shared around. They mentioned this at the live session I attended. . .

ShutterCraze (NUEL) 8 years ago
I attended the session today and I'm glad I did. Started off slowly but pickup in the last half hour. Two things I learned that blew me away was painting with pure white on lit areas and her adjustment layer in overlay blend mode and painting with pure black/white to sculpt the curves of the face. Another thing I observed was she always uses soft brushes and every adjustment is small to keep things real and not artificial, if that makes sense.
[evan hunter] 8 years ago
I saw the original broadcast its well worth it, the commentator is kind of annoying but overall the session was very helpful
matwood85 8 years ago
I wasn't able to attend as I was traveling once again. But I just wanted to say thank you for posting this type of information. I joined this group to learn.....and it's help like this, not just the photo shoots, that makes that possible. Thanks.
I ended up not being home to watch it so crapola. I'm on the email list for future broadcasts and can post them here when I get them.
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