Strober 7:17am, 14 January 2010
Hi All,

Schmap decided to include my Cannon Beach Haystack Rock in their Schmap Portland Portland Tenth Edition.

Cannon Beach, Oregon by Strober

Here is a pointer to what it looks like in their iPhone listing.
Randy Kashka PRO 9 years ago
I had one of my Fremont Bridge shots picked up by them too...
BrandyVSOP PRO 9 years ago
Big Congrats Craig!
The Link did not work for me?
Great work!
metakephoto PRO 9 years ago
Now you just need to figure out how to light up Haystack rock with some lights. How about you cross light it with a touch of ring flash for fill :)
dath1974 9 years ago
@metakephoto, you joke, but it could be lit at night with several pops on a long exposure;)
silverwolfe PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by silverwolfe (member) 9 years ago
cool about schmaps!

@metakephoto - bit of morning sun for 'fill', diffused just a slight bit by fog. is that off-camera enuff ;))

@ dath - or light painting... oooo hmmmmm....
and it might reflect/bounce off the water even....
I might have to check that out next time I"m there.
dath1974 9 years ago
Road trip?
metakephoto PRO 9 years ago
this summer i'll go out there with you guys...once it warms up a little...
erika eve 9 years ago
Congratulations! Schmap used my photos from NE in their guide! So fun!
They contacted me about one of mine last year but I guess they never used it. Maybe I need to double-check ...
charming alarm [deleted] 9 years ago
Congrats Craig... It's gotta feel good.
Randy Kashka PRO 9 years ago
..... back to lighting up that big rock at the coast - I'm in, let me know when you guys go out and I'll help.
get one of those big 12" spot lights that plug into a car. Good luck on a softbox...
Strober 9 years ago
If you look, you can see that it is lit from the sunset on the far right. Makes the rocks on the face standout.

But, I think it would be really interesting to try to light it with multiple pops on long exposure. Great idea!

This photo was taken close to a mile away to get the perspective, so would either need a very long range wireless or move closser and get less people on the beach.
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