metakephoto PRO 1:54am, 22 January 2010
I've created another group here on flickr called The Portland Post and I hope for it to be similar to this group, but with a focus on post processing w/ monthly meetups.
kenneth barton PRO 8 years ago
Great idea.

WJPpdx 8 years ago
Ooh, I'm into this!
erika eve 8 years ago
You are sooo going to make me learn Photoshop! Sheesh!!!! I'm signing up for PS classes in Spring.
Like it! Great idea!!
Sarah.Lynch 8 years ago
okok let's give this photoshop thing a try
metakephoto PRO 8 years ago
@yep, i'll get you to convert to Photoshop someday...and then you'll be able to teach us what you learn :)
Great idea! Thanks, Jeff.
You're the guy to teach it! Looking forward to getting into it. I am coming back to PDX 3/1!

I can't believe you are going to lead ANOTHER group. Go for it!
metakephoto PRO 8 years ago
@Mark Chamberlin: I'm hoping not to lead the group, but allow the group to lead itself.
[ninjaphoto] 8 years ago
Great idea!
GeoFX 8 years ago
Love those magic behind post processing. I am in.
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