Family Portraits

eboomer 5:40pm, 31 December 2009
Hey guys and gals,
I have been doing family portraits this holiday season... I would like a little critique, and like to see if I am on the right track. I am thinking about doing more of these to keep some money flowing when I am not shooting adventure sports. Here is a link to the shots from the past week

Thanks in advance.
metakephoto PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by metakephoto (admin) 9 years ago
The lighting looks nice on all your shots, though the posing and compositions seems a tiny bit off. But that's just me being nit-picky.
eboomer 9 years ago
Thank you for the comments.. really helpful to hear another photogs comments.
Guess I learned to frame my shots for text.... but you are right there is no need for that in a family portrait. I should be able to figure that one out...
Posing....... Anyone have any book recommendation or Links to a site about getting more natural looks or poses, techniques.
I have found the family shots to be challenging in that way....
Check out this book. It has lots of great ideas in it.

"Family Portrait Photography: Professional Techniques and Images"

I like the direction you are going with your work. With the family portraits, just try to keep everyone fairly close together.

This one is my fav of your set. I really like the look, the foreground, and I think having dad holding everyone really makes the image come together. The only thing that I think anyone could say for improvement is the vignetting might be a touch heavy and the wheat in the little guys face.
One rule of thumb I have for family whether it's for a wedding or a family shoot is try to have everyone touching in some way. For men, I never want loose hands. I have them put them in their pockets or doing something. Also, especially with the couples, I want implied closeness so I make sure that their heads are somewhat close if possible and as cheesy as it sounds I try to have them tilt their heads in slightly. There are a number of other little things I do but that's a good place to start.

Of course I break my own rules every once in awhile if I see something that looks better. I think posing just takes practice and then breaking down what you like about other photographers and the way they pose.
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