kenneth barton PRO 5:25pm, 14 December 2009
From the very first PDXStrobist Meeting forward I have taken “behind the scenes” shots and many of these have proved quite popular, but I’ve noticed that as more and more members come aboard there are new comfort levels with being photographed that didn’t seem to exists in the past. A couple newer members simply don’t want to appear in photos and others can mistakenly feel I’m influencing a model’s poses even if I’m actually taking a larger picture of the entire scene. Just to make sure everyone is comfortable and there are no misunderstandings, I think I will change my policy in the future.

1. Though I think it’s nice to document what these meet-ups look like, I will take far less such images.

2. In case I am taking such an image I will inform and get the OK from those in the image rather than behaving like a photo journalist as I have in the past.

3. I might just sort of pose a group shot instead (see the three images I posted at the top of the 700 Club thread) for those who want to be in it, excluding those who don’t.

Hopefully that’s a fair compromise between getting some images for those who ascribe sentimental value to them, without offending, embarrassing, discomforting, or pissing off anyone. Feel free to leave comments, opinions and/or advice if you feel so inclined.

dath1974 9 years ago
@Ken - I really value the behind-the-scenes shots and I enjoy the candid nature many have. I think the earlier complaint about available light shooting was more about photographers sniping shots while someone else is shooting. I've done it and I've seen others do it. I also think that depending on the situation, it is sometimes fine, and other times is a little rude to the photographer(s) who are actively working with a model. It just depends on how distracting it is for all involved and certainly shouldn't be the focus. As others have said, it is a strobist group, but I personally think a balance can be struck and the occasional available light shot isn't the end of the world. I also think if you're so camera shy as to be offended or upset if someone takes your photo, you probably shouldn't be getting together with a bunch of photographers.

Just my few cents worth, take it for what it cost you;->

metakephoto PRO 9 years ago
@kenneth barton: I really like your behind the scenes shots (it's awesome that you've been doing them since day one of he group)...and speaking from personal experience, just be courteous when posting unflattering shots. Nobody likes a bad picture...or a picture of their a#$ crack :)
kenneth barton PRO 9 years ago
Yes, I know I'll never live that shot down. I'm just saying that beyond avoiding cracks I'm going to be more conscientious in general.

LukeOlsen PRO 8 years ago
@kenneth: I really like your behind the scene shots and I say keep taking them. I think a lot of the issues involve posting "test shots" of other photographers or close-ups as if the photographers were models. There is a difference between documenting the scene and documenting the photographer. That said... I plan on doing some behind the scene shots myself as well.
GeoFX 8 years ago
@Ken: I really like your "behind the scenes" shots. Sometime when I miss a meeting, I would like to know what I missed. I love group shot for sentimental value as well. I always have a group shot when I have a photo session at my place or outing elsewhere. I am comfortable in front and behind the camera.
ʎɥdɐɹbodıd 8 years ago
On that note... as long as my double-chin, manboobs, & love handles aren't really emphasized in the shot, I'm comfortable being part of the behind the scenes shots too.
GeoFX 8 years ago
Pip, that's what Photoshop is for. What you see is not what you got!!
Iveth C. 8 years ago
I really like the behind the scene pics:D I think it's awesome to look back at it and think, "oh yea i remember that part of the shoot!" It also reminds me of the hard & fun work everyone puts into it, cause everyone puts it in not just some. Weather it's holding an umbrella or wether it's a photog holding his/herself in some creative position just to get that great shot. I say keep shooting em:)
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