FriendsofODS 7:23pm, 13 November 2009
The Portland-based Photo of the Year contest for 2009 is still accepting submissions! The deadline isn't until January 6, 2010, so you still have time!

Cost of FIVE submissions is $15 and there are CASH prizes!
Proceeds benefit Portland's Outdoor School program, that has been sending 6th graders to camp to learn hands-on science with the help of volunteer high school students since 1966!

For more information, or to submit photos visit:
For more information about Outdoor School visit:
Whoowl 9 years ago
Not to be a total downer but being a local and participating in this twice I find the whole thing has no local connection. Let me tell you why...

Two years in a row I not only submitted pics and was selected as a finalist for voting but I also went to the dinner social. On both occasions there was two distinct groups at the event. The first was the photographers that wondered around not knowing anyone, and the second was the crowd of people that obviously knew each other and were part of the Outdoor School or organizing the event. It was decidedly cliquey.

The first year I just walked around and didn't talk to many people and had a bad time. So the next year I entered, I made a point of trying to be social and meeting people but was quick to realize you were either in with those that knew each other or an outsider. Several of us "outsider" photographers ended up hanging out that night only to have someone from halfway across the world win the contest.

Now, I have to agree it was a great photo, and I don't want to sound bitter, but this event certainly didn't make us local photographers feel welcomed or appreciated for participating to help the outdoor school. In fact, our conversations that night were how none of us felt part of the event and how the event seemed to be more about remote contestants participating while the local group dined and celebrated their fundraiser. Us local participants certainly didn't feet acknowledged.

Perhaps this year you could figure out how to make the contest dinner be more inclusive and involving of all those that participated locally? I certainly will not ne participating again until you figure out how to make this "Portland Based" event for a local Portland Outdoor school involve Portland Artists.
I entered the last 2 years as well and had a few photo's make the finalists but I hadn't attended the dinner social so I don't have any knowledge on that part. I will probably still submit images again this year as it is for a good cause but having a catagory for local artists would be a great add ~ something to think about!
Sarah.Lynch 9 years ago
You might just send the Outdoor School your money directly.

Last year I won second place and after waiting and waiting for my prize I was told that it had been auctioned off at the event to raise more money. Not even a "sorry".

After much badgering from my friends I did let Pro Photo Supply know that the organizers bailed on the prizes and they put together a nice goodie bag with lenscloths and a coffee mug.

So after paying the contest entry fee, the gala award entry fee (for 2 tickets) and then the raffle tickets I bought there - I got a big "screw off" from the organizers.....
average plant [deleted] 9 years ago
I wrote the FriendsOfODS flickr user and sent my same feedback, as well as suggesting they read the comments left on their thread and got ZERO response. I don't even think they read any of their threads. It looks like they bulk posted the same thing on any group that has "Portland" in it's name. Keeping the spam local at least.
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