kenneth barton PRO 5:51pm, 1 December 2009

I was thinking yesterday during my return trip to our beautiful state (yes I have been known to do that once in a while) about how important it can be to have a sense of one’ place in a wider ongoing historical sense. Like it or not, we are all influenced by the ideas and visions we are exposed to and sometimes limited by what we remain ignorant of. My knowledge of photographic history is very limited compared to what it should be and I sometimes wonder if this is having a crippling effect on my work. There are probably some members of the PDX Strobist Group that know a lot about the “great” photographers as well as a many members who know nothing of them, and while technique is important, so are the ideas that inform the way we chose to use the techniques we learn.

Here’s my proposal. For every Technical Meet (those we are currently having at Shane & Jeannie’s place, not the big monthly meets) starting with the January 7th edition I’ll research a photography I wish I knew more about and prepare a little 10 minute slide show and presentation. Then we would have maybe a 15-20 minute discussion where all of us critique or comment on the work and/or ask questions that I might be able to answer as the result of my research. The entire thing would be kept within half an hour, possibly while eating, so that we have plenty of time for the main presentation or workshop activities.

I know our group is called “Strobist” and many of the great photographers did not use strobes, but I need the excuse to make time to learn more for myself and I have this feeling many of the pictures we all take at our meets will become better and more interesting as we put the ideas we learn to use. I mean, let’s be the best damned Strobist group around right?

WJPpdx 9 years ago
That's a great idea. I salute your thoughts on this subject.
fotomavin 9 years ago
Excellent idea Ken.
average plant [deleted] 9 years ago
This is an execellent idea, and strobes are just about controlling light.

Also, I think it does apply to our group because being able to see great light, and learn from others use of it, should only make you a better strobist when it comes time to lighting your own compositions.
dath1974 9 years ago
Fantastic idea Ken. Some of the current photographers who I admire on flickr base much of their work on old paintings and photographs and they really produce some awesome results. Who really cares if it's a "strobist" group, though I'm sure we can think of strobist ways to light things similarly to some of the greats!
pretty advice [deleted] 9 years ago
Great idea
LukeOlsen PRO 9 years ago
I agree with the others... I think it is a great idea.
ShutterCraze (NUEL) 9 years ago
I think it would be a great exercise for me to study the artist's work with others and then try to duplicate the mood later with my gear.
Doug S photo 9 years ago
I concur. I'm a sucker for history and a good learning experience.
kenneth barton PRO 9 years ago
I talked to Shane about it too. I will come thusly prepared to his next workshop which looks likely to be on January 7th.

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