ABNSphotography.com 4:20pm, 11 November 2009
Anyone know where (locally) I can get a 10X16 Photographic White Vinyl?

I will delete this post once I find out where I could get them.

I've been to Pro Photo, and they did not have any.
Checked Ritz (Downtown) and they did not have any.

Also seamless paper as well, thanks.
metakephoto PRO 9 years ago
white vinyl....possibly JoAnne Fabrics?
and seamless paper you could of got at Pro Photo Supply
Knoal 9 years ago
I don't know anything, but I was under the impression that the back side of lineolum (sp?) was used.

I'd check the different varitieties at Home Depot ,et al.
Yeah, some of the videos I've seen on getting the vinyl seem to always point to Home Depot.
Les DeFoor Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Les DeFoor (member) 9 years ago
As for the white vinyl I would ask what you are using it for? Are you trying to use the vinyl as a curved backdrop or as a floor to stand on which would cover the paper backdrop?

I use a 10X50' roll of bright white paper and went to home depot and in the wood area, found a really nice pice of 4x8 white laminated plywood type material for about 4.50. It is semi shine, has a pretty strong back, I use it to put in front of my seamless so I don't get foot prints all over the paper and when I put a chair down, it doesn't touch the paper. I have shot my kids straight on and you can't even see the seam where the plywood covers the paper.

If I am doing something where I want to darken the background (by moving the subject away from the background, I use two pieces of the play wood and slightly overlapt them.

The part he is laying on is the plywood I mentioned, and the actual curve of the seemless is about mid way of the photo. So, the seam would be about a 1/3 up from the bottom of the photo.
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