Tom.Lechner PRO 2:10am, 7 November 2009
So tomorrow (saturday 11-7) from approximately noon until 5pm at a couple spots near downtown Portland, I'm attempting to make a short video with parkour and zombies in it. I have 2.5 humans and about 3 zombies, and I'm looking for a couple more people to be zombie extras.. Anyone interested? Makeup provided, but it would be great if participants had their own clothes they wouldn't mind destroying.

There might be some photo ops, but the priority would be to get film shot.

There is a chance of being rained out, but the rain has been so spotty, that I'm hoping to have enough non-rain to get useful footage.
It is possible I would attempt to film more the following Saturday 11-14 also.

If interested (and over 18), you can email me:

Extremely short test clip here.
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