Strober 11:07pm, 25 September 2009
It's fall so sunset comes earlier, but its still periodic nice weather.

Anyone have a favorite location at the beach (northern Oregon) for photographing a model or a Bride/Groom with surf and sunset in the background, or with a twisted tree & model and ocean behind?

Would also be convenient if there were changing room options near by.
dath1974 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by dath1974 (member) 9 years ago
How about Cannon beach? You have the option to either use the rocks in the background, or not and there are also some trails and such around the area. I haven't personally shot there myself (too lazy to drive out there most days), but I've seen a lot of work that has been done there and around the area.
Strober 9 years ago
Hi Dath,
Thanks for replying. The same evening I posted this, I shot some photos at cannon beach. Great location, but there is not much for a model changing clothes.

Here's a few photos:

The small river that meets the ocean at the north end was attracting a lot of gulls.
Cannon Beach, Oregon - Sept 09 by Strober

Cannon Beach, Oregon - Sept 09 by Strober

Got a couple pelicans in this one.
Cannon Beach, Oregon - Sept 09 by Strober

Cannon Beach, Oregon - Sept 09-1010 by Strober
quietlightphoto 9 years ago
pdxblazer503 9 years ago
Hi Craig,

IMHO, NEHALEM BAY STATE PARK is very good, they have bushes on the sand beach, but I guess this season is kinda cold now.

another one is very good is at bandon beach but in southern Oregon

GeoFX 9 years ago

Try this. I almost got one for myself few years ago.
silverwolfe PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by silverwolfe (member) 9 years ago
I was just at Cape Lookout SP, N of Pacific City, SW of Tillamook. It was a foggy morning, only saw one couple on the beach.

It's a state park, so there are bathrooms. I think it was only $3 or $5 'day use fee'. There's a large covered gazebo that overlooks the ocean, for parties to reserve. There's a trail thru oceaney trees, short 'cliffs', the ridge w/waves crashing on the big rocks to the south. no big rocks in the water like Pacific City & Cannon Beach. The camping part of the state park has some odd trees if I remember right, but not sure you'd get pics of the ocean & sunset w/them.

Cape Lookout page

Pacific City/Cape Kiwanda - you could go to the rocks at the north end, depending on the tides. there's bathrooms up at the road, but just cement/cold ones, sometimes wet from the swimmers & surfers. The dory boats come in/out there, too - right on the beach. that might be kinda cool as a backdrop. maybe one of the dory owners would even let you shoot w/their boat .... (they go out crack of dawn, but often come back 10-11AM-ish, and sometimes go in/out later in the day)

there's a park more at the south end of PC - bob schwab? no, hmmm something like that (turn left instead of right to Cape Kiwanda beach) edit: *bob straub*. has bathrooms. then short walk up to the top of the dunes, w/cool grasses, look down on the ocean below, view of Cape Kiwanda & Haystack to hte north. can walk down the dune to the ocean too. that might work too, depending what you're after....
I shot some fishermen at Hug Point between Cannon Beach & Manzanita this year and it's a cool little spot. I seem to remember restrooms but it was a little bit of a hike. I was thinking a small camping tent might be worth bringing if I ever had a model shoot so they could change in it - cramped but private.
Strober 9 years ago
Hey, lots of good ideas for me to checkout. Thanks for all the responses.
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