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metakephoto PRO 4:15am, 16 September 2009
PDX Strobist Meetup/Photoshoot
DATE: Saturday Sept 26th
TIME: 1pm-7pm (followed by dinner at a nearby restaraunt if people are interested)
LOCATION: Lake View Farms thelakeviewfarms.com
ADMISSION: $5.00 to enter the cornfield,
RSVP REQUIREMENT: We will be checking the previous shoot list to make sure photographers have uploaded images for the models, so please post over there and let us know once you've uploaded your images.

Photography Requirements: All participants photographing models are required to submit at least 1 touched up/print ready image per model that they photograph and upload it to pdx strobist.com. And there will be NO model releases signed between photographers/models during this shoot. This meetup/photoshoot is for educational purposes and having fun.

If you'd like to attend please post here and i'll add you to the RSVP list.

Please bring snack, food, water as this is a full day outing. We will setup a break time so models will have a chance to eat as well.

Randy Kashka
TZ Images
Heather Jones
weeksy photography
JayCee Photo
Tom Lechner
Tracy Smith

Charlene Lauricella MM#1037434
Zuzzie K MM#749371
Grant the Great
Mindee Jo MM#365331 (+1)
Kaytee Rose Hime MM #1341107
Ashley Yant MM# 375528
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GeoFX Posted 9 years ago. Edited by GeoFX (member) 9 years ago
Thanks to Jeff organize this outing and Craig for sharing his place for shooting. Good luck to Zuzzie for her move. ^_^
Squirrel de la Zuz 9 years ago
Thank you guyz!!! It was such a fun shoot! I will have very good memories of this group =)
metakephoto PRO 9 years ago
Couple things I forget to mention to the new people in the group for after the shoot.

1. Please make sure to tag your photos from the shoot with "pdxstrobist0909"
2. Rename your files with your name on it before posting to pdxstrobist.org (ie.0909001 John Doe), this is because when the models downloads their pictures, they'll know who they came from.
Placebo #4 9 years ago
Thanks Jeff for putting it together again, & thanks Craig for the generous use of your place it was a great place to catch the sunset. . I'm glad I got to shoot Zuzzie before she left!
pdxblazer503 9 years ago
Thank you Jeff and Craig , another great strobist photo fun! Also farewell shoot with Zuzzie, yeah I am glad I got to shoot a few with Zuzzie before she take off.
dath1974 9 years ago
Thanks everyone, had an awesome day!
Charlene Lauricella 9 years ago
Im sad I showed up at halftime, but thanks Daniel for stickin it through with me for a couple, I appreciate it! I hope to see you all again next time, and I will be much more punctual for the event!
Tom.Lechner PRO 9 years ago
Great shoot!
Is Tabria's name spelled "Tabria"?
metakephoto PRO 9 years ago
@Charlene: Too bad you didnt come with us to the treehouse. Your scarecrow costume would of worked great in Strobers Barn w/ the piles of hay.
Charlene Lauricella 9 years ago
Jeff ~ I know! I really wanted to, but the unfortunate lame duty of work called at 8 all the way in NE..... Boo. I was fond of my costume though..... Im pretty much down to do anything, go waist deep in swamp, stuff myself full of hay. you know. cant wait to see all of you guys again!
ashleyyant 9 years ago
thank you all for this entertaining and such great experience. i hope to work with all you again:)
njl-photolog PRO 9 years ago
@Tom.Lechner: Yes, that is the correct spelling, I asked Tabria to spell her name so I could write it down. ;-)

Just wanted to add my thanks to the models for their time and patience, the strobists for a great time at my first photo shoot with this group. Thanks to Craig for sharing his wonderful home. Plus, thanks to Jeff and Luke for organizing -- and sharing their White Lightning strobes. ;-)

I hope to have pictures ready by tomorrow at the latest.
breskom 9 years ago
Looks like you had a good time. Sorry I couldn't make it. Next time :)
charming alarm [deleted] 9 years ago
I just wanted to echo the thanks that have been given to Jeff and Luke for planning this meet up, the models for their time, and Craig for hosting us at his wonderful home (not a bad back up plan at all).

I really enjoyed meeting you all and can't wait to do it again.

P.S. I Actually didn't shoot a lot because I wanted to observe and ask a lot of questions this go around. But I will post what I got soon.
LukeOlsen PRO 9 years ago
Thanks to Jeff for organzing this and to the models for coming out. I'll I did was help with group #1 with David (coupeowner). And yea... thanks to Craig for opening up his place to us.
Weeksy Photography 9 years ago
Thank you everyone for giving me tips and advice. And also thank you to everyone who let me use their equipment! Thank you Jeff for organizing this shoot. Thank you craig letting us use your home. I had a great time and cant wait to do it again
Images By Tracy Smith 9 years ago
thanks to all, I had a great time while in PDX, if you come to Bend let me know we're trying to set up a group down here as well.
Squirrel de la Zuz 8 years ago
Guys, who was the photographer who took a picture of me shoveling a big pile of poop!!! please, i'd love to have those photos, they were taken right outside from the barn and i was wearing a blue jean dress and had pigtails.
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