lucidRose 7:56pm, 21 August 2009
Greetings local PDX photographers,

I wanted to invite you all to my first ever solo gallery show in Portland.
If you'd be interested in showing up and photographing the gallery's vibe, the strange creatures that you might find within/the scene/event- then please come on over Sept. 18th for my opening gallery reception with all your sexy camera equipment!!! :
Chelsea Rose Solo Gallery show

If you are in the area( Portland Oregon) come visit me on September 18th at T.Ruth Artspace and take part in my opening art gallery reception: there will be plenty of trippy psychedelic paintings to behold as you sip wine and enjoy these last moments of blissful summer. This will be my first solo gallery show support will be ever so much appreciated.

Thanks for supporting your local art movements and artisans!

Peace n Love!
-Chelsea Rose
lucidRose 9 years ago
thanks so much heather!
...oh and also since this gallery is small it would be a perfect opportunity to play with wide angle or fish eye lenses!
Knoal 9 years ago
I clicked thru your photostream.

Cool art!
Strober 9 years ago
I want to come. But, I've got a wedding rehearsal here at my Treehouse Hall Studio.
lucidRose 9 years ago
Thanks Knoal! love your wailer's shot in your photostream!

strober- no worries- my artwork will be up for two months so you have plenty of time to come check out the gallery and maybe snap a few.

the 18th is the opening and the 19th i will be there all day babysitting the studio while the gallery owner is out hustling at a local art fair- so stop by on the 19th too if you have the spare time, ill just be hangin out sippin wine and eatin cookies amongst my paintings all day! : )
kenneth barton PRO 9 years ago
I'll be out of town September 18th, but I will come by the gallery during the following week.

lucidRose 9 years ago
thanks ken!
lucidRose 9 years ago
Hello there,

...the date is sneaking up on me- only a week left till my art opening!

I wanted to share the postcard for the show that we ended up printing:
Chelsea Rose Art Gallery Show

Hope to see you there!
Best Wishes
-Chelsea Rose
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