OregonVelo 4:11am, 13 August 2009
So did anyone else get this? I get these offers 2 or 3 times a year. Most of the time the photographer actually has to buy the book (I think that is how they get their sales). This is the first that seems quasi legite. I was just wondering if they did a google search on parkour and photograhy and mass mailed everyone.


Dear Shane,

I am contacting you from Elwin Street Productions, an established publishing company in London. We are working on producing a major photographic art book on parkour for publication next year. The book will feature photographs of parkour from all over the world, with well known parkour names as well as everyday club members. It will trace the history and development of parkour around the world, and aims to provide a celebration of parkour as a form of movement and art. It will not be affiliated to any particular group or organisation.

We are looking for talented parkour photographers to contribute their photos to the book. I have seen some of your work on your website, and was curious to know if you had any background in adventure photography, and of course, more specifically, parkour photography.

We need beautiful, arresting, dynamic images of all kinds of parkour moves, parkour people and parkour culture from around the world, particularly from cities outside the UK, France and USA. The photos should show the exhilaration of parkour practitioners as they interact with their environment.

Contributors do not need to have been published in a magazine or book before, but must be experienced amateur or professional photographers using a quality SLR camera, and most importantly photographs need to be of the highest quality: for publication, images must be hi resolution - at least 300dpi.

You will be credited in the book as a contributor and will be sent a copy of the book on publication. You would retain the copyright on any photos we publish. This is a great opportunity to be part of the first globally comprehensive book on the history of parkour as well as the chance to have your work published by a major international publisher.

If you would like to be involved, please could you send me a selection of images you think would be suitable for the book, for our consideration (low res is fine at this stage) or a link to an online archive or collection. I¹d also be grateful if you could send me an email explaining the number of photos you have and the subjects you have covered (e.g. cities, steps or particular people).

Finally, if you know of any other photographers who might also be interested in the project, then please do not hesitate to pass my contact details onto them, as we would like to make the book as comprehensive as possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries,

Best wishes,

Groups Beta