Aaron Audio 2:49am, 26 June 2009
I was thinking about doing some research on different poses for summer/water attire in preparation for the July meet. If anybody has any good shots taken by you or by anybody, post a thumbnail here. That would certainly help me.

[ninjaphoto] 9 years ago
Hmmm . . . water attire. Summer.


Beyond that, here's a few concepts -

Wet t-shirts
hollywood glam
summer/water sports action
Let's not forget water balloons, super soakers, etc

Most of all, have fun everybody!
Aaron Audio 9 years ago
I can see it now..... Capturing in high speed sync, the expression of the models while water balloons break on them.
Aaron Audio 9 years ago
Ninja, There is always a special observer spot just for you at the shoots.
OregonVelo 9 years ago
Also out of place, aka nice clothes in the pool. fashion.
Aaron Audio 9 years ago
I always wanted to do a "trash the dress". Good suggestion OV.
ShutterCraze (NUEL) Posted 9 years ago. Edited by ShutterCraze (NUEL) (admin) 9 years ago
I will bring this car to the photoshoot (a yellow colored one though) but I will need models.

Aaron Audio 9 years ago
Does yours fit into your pocket like that one?
GeoFX 9 years ago
We need a big Harley-Davidson or something similar.
OregonVelo 9 years ago
ShutterCraze - For that car, I will be your model. :)

Actually Jeannie would love to model in this. She has a summer dress to match, but you may have to prior her out of the car afterwards.
Aaron Audio 9 years ago
I sure hope shuttercraze is serious and not just shutterCRAZY!

I might be able to line up a street bike. ill check my connections.
ShutterCraze (NUEL) 9 years ago
I'm shutterserious! Except it will be a yellow one not red, and lifesize.
Aaron Audio 9 years ago
Even the real elise's aren't life size. they are frickin small. but it don't matter. that car is shutteriffic! And yellow is a great color.
Aaron Audio 9 years ago

Can this be done above the water with a polarizer?
[ninjaphoto] 9 years ago
Black Dog, thanks for the observer option at the shoots! I already have a shoot for that day, but maybe I'll see ya at the one later this month. Cheers!
fredrauch 9 years ago
Sounds fun!
Aaron Audio 9 years ago
So dennis and I built this today.


What would everyone think about us doing the photoshoot later in the afternoon so we can use darkness to our advantage.

What about this... Since we appear to have a good amt of models, what if we had 1 gourp come earlier, then have a dinner break, then have another group of models show up. Just throwing it out there.
dannotti 9 years ago
I am thinking 3 or 4 have bbq, drinks, ect. Then shoot natural light stuff as sun goes lower, shoot pool shots when shade hits, then water wall and spa light shots at dark.
Tom.Lechner PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Tom.Lechner (member) 9 years ago
Might be neat to have wreakage props, as if a boat has just been rent asunder, and models are clinging to debris. Like maybe plywood or firewood that has boat markings painted on or perhaps sea monster toys.
silverwolfe PRO 9 years ago
maybe something to add to the the list of 'things to do at a pool party'.....

a variation on the 'water-drop' ,only having a person do a cannonball ;)
later in the dark even, that would be a pretty cool 'splash' to catch.

I would've loved to have come, but have a seminar that weekend ;(((
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