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OregonVelo 10:09pm, 22 June 2009
In order to continue to make the meetups more enjoyable what are peoples thoughts on these subjects.

If you have made it to a meetups:
What would you change?

If you haven't made it to a meetup:
Why do you not attend?
reesman9 9 years ago
as a poor college student i cant afford a lot. So i say to keep them a cheep.

Personally, I love the meet ups and I don't see a need to change anything. The organization and flow is perfect.

I haven't made it to meet ups due to having other plans at scheduled times.

I'd love to see more "outside of the box" type shoots. More Joe McNally type ideas rather than the standard "models in sexy poses" stuff.

I know that Jeff does amazing band shoots and I'd love to do shoots more like that.

Overall though I couldn't be happier. :)
[ninjaphoto] 9 years ago
I've been to one as an observer. Usually, I'm busy either working or doing my own projects.

As far as I can tell, things seemed to be pretty smooth.
ShutterCraze (NUEL) Posted 9 years ago. Edited by ShutterCraze (NUEL) (admin) 9 years ago
I feel the meetups are becoming more a free for all and less of a collaboration within the groups. The last meetup I attended I was curious to see what other shooters were doing so I went around to observe. I found several new people shooting and introduced myself and asked if I could see their shots. They were frustrated because their pictures were not coming out. Long story short their exposure techniques were not there and I could feel that they didn't have an understanding of Strobist 101. I spent extra time with them and got them on their way. I am please to see new faces in the group but we need to make sure these people are welcomed and help them if needed. In the past we used to break up into groups based on experience rather than what equipment we used. Now I do understand that if a group has three or four very experienced shooters then it may lead into a free for all. I'm just saying we shouldn't have the blind leading the blind. I believe this would help with the flow of the rotation because you don't have people tying up a model while others wait there turn which is what happened to me.

Like what YouLookNiceTodayPhotography said, more "outside the box" type shoots. Collaboration of a theme prior to getting to the location (I badly want to do a sport theme like bike and wakeboarding), maybe even a multi-location shoot would be fun (like pack up and go to a second or third location), or what happen to the idea of shooting and then we all gather around a computer to see our work together. Sometime we should try a night shoot whether it be light painting or shooting a band at a club, so I guess I'm saying try a different time of day that we normally shoot our meetups.

I'm just rambling but that was what came to light when I read the question.
greenwoodimages 9 years ago
I think having a reverse engineering class/station where we look at some "real pro's" images and try to imitate the lighting set up. I think we did a Jill Greenberg thing with Mr. Meeker, at least we tried.
WJPpdx 9 years ago
Ditto what greenwoodimages said. It would be great to work on a concept whether group developed or imitating an interesting shot. that would foster more interaction between the photographers and sharing/learning technique.

I've only been to two meetups and Ken's party. The Mt. Tabor shoot was really rushed. That was good in a way as it made you think and work fast. It was not so good in that some folks didn't get to shoot or were stressed out by the pace. Our group did have a great time though.

The Millworks shoot had a nice and orderly pace to it. I felt like it was more relaxed and alot of nice images came out of that one. I would have enjoyed more collaboration with my fellow photographers though. I'll work on that.

The model posing for a pretty portrait thing gets a little stale sometimes. Many of the models that have been regulars are very good and capable of taking it to a more dynamic level. I personally have had trouble directing them as I have not had much experience with that. I did learn that it really helps them to get good direction from the photographer. This could be one area where the photographers can help each other more.

I think we should switch it up some for time of day as well. We could do a night shoot, perhaps led by some of our accomplished night hawks (we've seen some sweet images lately from you late nighters), and then hit a bar afterward and talk about the shoot.
[ninjaphoto] 9 years ago
Speaking of Strobist 101, what do you think of periodically having an introductory meet up so that we can get more people on the same page?

I don't really know much strobist stuff, and know that I could probably benefit from a lesson or two. Mostly I just study other peoples work and incorporate themes and ideas into what I do. But then again, I tend to learn more by doing than reading. Etc, etc.
Stereoblind 9 years ago
Real life has interfered greatly with my availability. Bills, medical stuff, finding a studio of my own, etc. Thanks for keeping me on the list. I will return!
kenneth barton PRO 9 years ago
I like all of these comments. Yes, out ideas are getting stale and it would be nice if we could think of some ways to get more creative shots than we have been as of late.

Also, I agree it is very important to get the experineced shooters better mixed with the newbies.

I'm kind of wondering what we can do to make the Indent shoot on July 19th more creative and fullfilling.

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