WJPpdx 7:01pm, 14 May 2009
I just started using Model Mayhem but the question would apply to any shoot where trading model's time for pictures.

Do any of you have contracts to assign rights, usage, trade for * agreement, walk off policy (they leave upset before done with shoot) etc etc. ?

If you have a contract will you share it.

If you don't want to share it can you suggest things to include as I create my own contract?

Any tips, pointers, and suggestions would be appreciated.

For all my non-pdxstrobist shoots I use a contract I bought from here:


They cover everything you could need and have been developed and gone over by many lawyers.
jizika 9 years ago
have the model sign the form as soon as she/he gets there- so if there is a walk off you still have rights to use
Are you talking about aside from a model release?

Just make clear usage for both you and the model in a model release for non paid gigs.

I use separate model releases and usage contracts with basic use laid out on the model releases which will cover for non paid shoots, TF*, etc. Paid shoots elaborate on usage by way of contracts. There are tons on line, and I just tweaked existing forms to fit my situations and if needed, will modify one to work for a one off if the situation requires it.

Not sure if you've been here, but there are some good threads pertaining to releases, etc:

WJPpdx 9 years ago
I have a couple release forms available that I can modify as necessary. I was just wondering what folks are using. General release with any necessary extra stipulations or details added seems to be the norm.

Thanks y'all.
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