Free texture

[ninjaphoto] 3:24am, 14 May 2009
Just a little something to play around with. Just click on the link below and download the file in its original size. Please credit the use of the texture to ninjaphoto when you post.

Pretty much, the easiest way to use this is to have the texture open in PS as well as your target image.

Ctrl-A (select all) on the texture image
Ctrl-C (copy) on the texture image

Go to your target image and create a "duplicate layer" in the layers menu.

Ctrl-V (paste) and then you'll see the texture overlayed onto your target image.

Go to your layers palette and adjust the opacity of the textured layer to taste.

Then go to the layers menu and click on the "Flatten Image" button.

WJPpdx 9 years ago
Tried to go to your link but it is private. Do you need to change settings or do I need to be one of your contacts?
[ninjaphoto] 9 years ago
I didn't set up any privacy settings. Feel free to add me as a contact and see if that helps.
OregonVelo 9 years ago
Thank you for the texture. Here is my first attempt with it. Actually it is my first attempt with at texture too.
[ninjaphoto] 9 years ago
Well done sir! I really dig the color rendering. Keep on playin' with it for sure
seanmophoto 9 years ago
i got the private thing too...?
GeoFX 9 years ago
Thank Ninja.
[ninjaphoto] 9 years ago
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