nikonpdx 12:16am, 27 April 2009
Just wanted to post a note of appreciation for opening up your business to us to shoot in. Great day, great models, got some good shots (at least I think so)

Nice job organizing it Luke.

Thanks again!!!!
WJPpdx 9 years ago
Thanks to everyone, it was a good time.

Don, I appreciate your hospitality. I hope you got some nice pics today.
seanmophoto 9 years ago
thx to all!
Doug S photo 9 years ago
Thanks Don! I had a great time and really appreciate you opening up your shop to us all.
Squirrel de la Zuz 9 years ago
This was the funnest PDX Strobist meet I've been to! YAY!
Don Pyle 9 years ago
It was a pleasure having everyone at my shop. Thanks to all for helping this rookie along, I'm looking forward to future meet ups.
metakephoto PRO 9 years ago
thanks a bunch don for letting us invade your workspace and thanks luke for keeping the shoot organized today...
Thanks don, love your work. Had a great time. I for one will be watching this group like a hawk for the next meeting.
Thanks Don. Amazing location and awesome day. Great meeting you as well.
DougBPhoto 9 years ago
Thanks Don!!!

It was great meeting you and working with you...

Muchos Gracias for opening up your great location for us...

Just wish I had been able to stay the whole day!!!

Looking forward to seeing you around, and thanks Luke for doing such a great job organizing everything....

I can HONESTLY say my day definitely went downward after I left... LOL
GMKWS 9 years ago
Thanks Don What A Great Shoot!!
Randy Kashka PRO 9 years ago
I had a blast, great location Don, thanks for opening up your shop for us. And Luke - great job keeping things flowing!
jizika Posted 9 years ago. Edited by jizika (member) 9 years ago
thx everyone - for my first time - i enjoyed myself - it went by fast , hope to do it again , now that i know more of what it's like would love to model again & would even like to also bring my camera & lights - i meet alot of talented people - i look forward to spending more time w/ this group

also if you have an MM acount- im MM#853453 - im open to meet up for a longer session w/ anyone that i met -
that was my only problem - the time w/ each photographer- i really would like to spend more time but i understand the limits- i think that tho if i model again i will be more comfy w/ everyone(the ones i have worked w/already esp.) & the whole experience - looking forward to making to most of it- and having a blast doing it! see you all next time i hope.

thx again everyone!
| whiteSpace | PRO 9 years ago
Thanks Don and Luke. Great shoot!
pdxblazer503 9 years ago
Thank you Don and Luke, for organizing this, and thanks to Models as well, I had some good shots and lot of fun :-)
Laura Jennings 9 years ago
Thanks to all---it was kind of a funky day for me---thanks couponowner and WJPpdx for being my stand-in models and the help! Thanks Luke for the herding skills--were you a boarder collie in your past life? see you kids at the next one! yay!
Sarah.Lynch Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Sarah.Lynch (member) 9 years ago
What a great day! Thanks to everyone who offered their tips and equipment. It's a conspiracy to make a gear head out of me, I'm sure.

Thanks to Don and Luke and my group and my mom and my therapist and all those who made this day possible.

Also, where do I get the MM#s and proper tags? To give poor Ken a rest - I should do it myself....
LukeOlsen PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by LukeOlsen (admin) 9 years ago
Thanks Don for letting us use your shop for a strobist shoot. This was really fun.
@jizika: We keep refining the technique on doing these. Some are slower and some are faster than this shoot.
@Laura Jennings Photography: I've never been compared to that before. :)
@sarah22333: I will post some info soon about tags.

And thanks to everyone for coming and bringing snacks.
Pantene Banderas 9 years ago
Want to echo my thanks to Don and Luke.

Great group overall and to group #3 in particular, pleasure to shoot with all of you.

As always I learned a ton and had a great time. Brenda did too.

Haven't had time to do any post work yet but will be doing some today.

Tom.Lechner PRO 9 years ago
I'd love to shoot there again some day!
noisy rabbits [deleted] 9 years ago
Rounding replies to 20, thanks for the use of your facility. Weather ( to hot or to cold ) permitting that second floor of your first building does have good light, perhaps a micro meet up, before you tear the building down.

again thanks

DougBPhoto 9 years ago
What? I missed another building too? :(

Darn races, I missed shooting on RR trax and a 2nd building :(
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