seanmophoto 5:02am, 22 April 2009
hi all, doing a shoot with clients tomorrow and we will be on the west side of town. I would like to take a few sunset shots...anyone know any good sunset spots on the west side of town?
any and all help appreciated
JAS Photos 9 years ago
There's a nice park with a couple of ponds and a walking paths next to Brookwood Rd. - You can park at the Hillsboro Library there and walk along the road on the paths to find various places for photos - it has some really lovely spots. It's across the road from the Hillsboro Airport.
metakephoto PRO 9 years ago
i have to agree with JAS Photos, that Dawson Creek park next to the Hillsboro Library is picture perfect. And then if that's not working, you can continue on Shute Rd and cross over Highway26 and then you'll be out in some beautiful farm country.
seanmophoto 9 years ago
thanks guys, I'll have to check out those spots. We shot at the Nike Campus and got some good stuff, then all got a little cold and called it an evening. One spot I had in mind was the top of the sunset transit center parking of the tallest structures around and a nice view. I think it might have worked out ok.
JAS Photos 9 years ago
That's not a bad idea - I hadn't thought about the transit center. And the other side of 26 is beautiful! Oh there is also Jackson Bottom Wetlands/wildlife preserve in Hillsboro - great for big grassy areas with sunsets.
GeoFX 9 years ago
Another place is in NW Portland in Forest Heights area. You can see the beautiful sunset by NW Skyline Blvd & NW Chapin Drive.
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