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JAS Photos 11:50pm, 15 April 2009
There's one for sale on ebay- for $159 - I was wondering if this is a reasonable first flash to buy? It's E-TTL capable and can master or slave - I have a 50D and Rebel XTi - I'd love input on this - I just don't know that much about speedlights in general - thank you!
What I would do if I were you is sell your gear and switch over to Nikon to get the SB-800. :)
OregonVelo 9 years ago
The 550 is a decent flash. Now with the Pocket Wizard Flex you aren't held back with the older cannon flashes.
thinkable straw [deleted] 9 years ago
For $160, i'd say do it.
JAS Photos 9 years ago
@ YouLookNice Today Photography - Too funny! You're comment totally cracked me up :) Thank you for the tip there - I hear plenty of great things about the SB-600 - but I'm a Canon girl at heart ;)

Thank you all for the info - it ended up going home with someone else for $220 and I decided I could spend a little extra and get a 430ex and then add a couple 580 ex's in a few months (once I graduate from nursing school!).

It was a great deal while it was $160... oh well, gotta love ebay :)
Mark Chamberlin - SmarterPics PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Mark Chamberlin - SmarterPics (member) 9 years ago
I am a Canon guy. If you want an on-camera flash then the 550 is not bad for the bucks. If you are going off camera, as members of this group are famous for doing, try the vivitar 285 HD for around a hundred bucks. Powerful flash, lots of manual control and affordable. No TTL though.
Mark -
JAS Photos 9 years ago
Thanks Mark - after posting this thread, I did more research (I'd spaced the Vivitar 285) and was just thinking that getting a 285 would be the way to go. Even after reading the strobists blog, I still feel totally unprepared to use off-camera flash - does this group ever get together and do sessions where people can experiment and learn?
metakephoto PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by metakephoto (admin) 9 years ago
@JAS Photos: yep, we get together once a month for shooting/learning how to use our flashes better, etc.... So keep an eye out for the meetup/photoshoot post...It''ll be going up very soon....and i'll second getting a Vivitar 285HV flash, I have 2 of them and there built like little plastic tanks and will last a long time.
JAS Photos 9 years ago
Perfect! Thank you - I'll keep an eye out for the meetup post and plan on trying to make it! In the mean time I'm off to find myself a Vivitar 285HV or two and some stands!
JAS Photos 9 years ago
Quick question - I just bought a vivitar 285HV off of ebay - I have a canon 50D and after purchasing the flash realized it says "Nikon Mount" - if I'm using it off camera will that make a difference? Will it still work with my canon?
Thank you!
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