wizmo PRO 5:01am, 26 March 2009
It's NOT just another opening!

Just by showing up you will be entered in a raffle to win a print of your choice from the show. And they are lovely, if I do say so myself...

There will be prizes. And because times are hard, there will be prints to buy for under $5. That's right! For less than the price of a latte and bagel, you can be a patron of the arts! When the going gets tough, the creative get more creative.

There will be books, food and libations. Fun awaits!

So dig that change out from under the couch cushions and head on over for an evening of culture and mirth. And did I mention free food and drinks?

See you there. Extra points for wearing black and looking vaguely European. Details, where, when, below.



Cameraworks Gallery
2255 NW Northrup Street (at 22nd)
Portland, Oregon

Saturday, March 28th 6–9 pm

If you've never been to the gallery, it's in an odd place; it's part of a nursing school building in mid-block. The building flanks the left side of a courtyard, and is called Peterson Hall. I'm planning to put balloons on the door to help people find it. Be brave.

If you don't know my work, you can see it here:

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