D200_Guy 10:00pm, 7 March 2009
Does anyone know the addres to the abandon buildings in the st. John area? Or how to get there?
OregonVelo 9 years ago
By the river? Behind U of Portland?
wandering flame [deleted] 9 years ago
From the intersection of N Lombard and N Portsmouth on Google maps:
DougBPhoto 9 years ago
Cool, thanks, I had wondered this also...
nikonpdx 9 years ago
Just a note, there is now a gate across the road that led down to the area and rumor has it security has been pretty aggressive in chasing people away. Apparently U of P is starting to rehab the area. I lost the link to a recent article about this, which could account for restricting the access now. Anyone have any recent experiences?
That's not good news :(
I'm planning on heading out there the end of the month for a shoot......
Nicholas Cooper 9 years ago
I believe you are talking about the old munitions factory down below University of Portland. The area is being rehabilitated and they are looking for people trespassing on the property.

There are quite a few places that were great, but once word got out the bad apples caused the owners to beef up security and prosecute people. It's getting harder and harder to find quality abandoned locations that are on the safer side, and without the traffic to make them suspicious.
I have called and left a message about getting permission to use the area but incase and most likely if they say no does anyone know of another location with graffiti that's large enough to park a car in front of and still see the art work?
Aaron Audio 9 years ago
Layer mask?
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